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Shabby Paints

We are pleased to be stylist for Shabby Paints! We LOVE these paints and know you will too.


One of the best things about Shabby Paints is they are safe, non-toxic and zero VOC. Meaning they are great for the environment, your home and yourself…they are even crib safe! To top it off they are also made in the USA!

The paint line has some fun finishes too! Think Shimmers, Glazes, Gel Stain and Varnish!!! The painting possibilities are endless.

Colors Vary from time-to-time and we encourage you to come into the shop and see what we have in stock.

However, here are some of the colors we carry!

Alamo White
Alamo White
Cali Taupe
Antique Verde
Buffalo Brown







Garfield Grey
Lillian Gray
Marine Blue







Snow White
Betsy Ross Red
Pardon Me







So Serene
Worn White
Worn White







ReVax= no waxing, no buffing. Smooth, durable finish! Can also be used as a stain.

The ReVax comes in:

  • Hazelnut (dark brown)
  • Black
  • Pearl
  • White

Gelato Gel Stain to give your piece a classy finish, perfect for wood tops to dressers, tables and anything in between.

Shimmer Pain & Glaze– this is perfect for adding Shimmery Vibrancy to your  furniture, crafts, canvas, clothing, art and so much more.

We also carry Cling-On brushes

The CLING ON! is made of a specially engineered mixture of the best synthetic filaments of Dupont De Nemours; in various lengths and diameters and tipped and flagged; fully locked in epoxy cement to prevent loss of hair, with a stainless steel ferrule and a beechwood handle.

The main component of the mixture is a very high-quality nylon filament, solid round tapered. The durability of this filament is 5 to 9 times higher than hog bristles amd up to 1.5 times higher than most polyester filaments. The shape preservation (the so-called bend-recovery), even more enhanced by the special dyeing technique, is unequalled.

Dying the filaments also increases the clean-ability, because the paints can hardly stick to the filaments. Of great importance is the way you keep and maintain the brushes (please read the paragraph: “TIPS”).

The nylon filament is very smooth and supple and its flagged tips provide a “velvetlike” touch and a smooth and flawless finishing. It retains its stiffness in water and returns perfectly in its original shape.

This filament is resistant against almost all chemicals and solvents and withstands high temperatures without losing its characteristics permanently. Only after a long duration of exposure to extreme conditions or chemicals some degradation occurs.

The second component of the mixture , a high-quality polyester filament, has been mixed in to provide the right stiffness or resistance. This, slightly shorter, filament is stiffer and also retains its stiffness and shape when immersed in water. Also solid, round and tapered.